Year two for Mutani's Pocket will be bigger and better.

We are kick starting our anniversary with a trip to Kenya to find new products and vendors. Throughout the year, I have been speaking with multiple vendors and trying to do a versatile search for our new collections for 2022/2023.

My flight took 20 hours with a flyover in France. It was exciting to be in Paris buuut, Paris is the Louis Vuitton of destinations. Lol. I spent 20 usd on a sandwich and juice.

Karibu! Upon arrival, I truly feel at home with the warmth of the people and culture but have to keep political measures in mind. Kenya is currently going through elections which determines the future of not only the country but international businesses like Mutani's Pocket. I find that most citizens are glued to daily reports finding out the official election results by September 5th.

Man, on another note, when I tell you its cold believe me. Due to climate change, the winter season that ends in July has lingered into August. This is fueling my search for the upcoming fall/winter season before returning home to DC. I'm definitely excited to see what we find and currently planning my itinerary.

This trip I have a couple must haves:

1. Visit Arusha
2. Explore Mombasa
3. Visit the basket weaving collaborative

P/s: Islamic influence in Mombasa may limit photos but I will do my best.

Follow me on my journey through the streets.