Upon my night arrival to Nairobi, my summer clothes got an eviction notice. Temperatures were between the 50's to 60's and I arrived in a sleeveless shirt and jeans jacket. What a shock after leaving the 90 degree weather in DC but then again I forget that I'm a New Yorker used to piles of snow.

First rule of travel is to adapt. In any country I visit, my first action to get a sim card to always be able to communicate. With that in mind, I rushed to the airport cellphone store (Safaricom ) to get a local sim card to be able to have internet and make calls for the remainder of my trip. Not to mention, install M-Pesa, the mobile money application the most East African use to buy goods.

The next morning, I was greeted by early morning fog but I had to hit the streets of Nairobi. I had only 3 weeks to explore Kenya and plans to go to Arusha, Tanzania which was  a 6 hour bus ride away. With only a jeans jacket, a thick pair of socks,  and a luckily packed scarf, I hit the streets in search for my next product. At the time, I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for but I knew that once I saw something with the "it" factor I would know.

I called a Bolt (Africa's Uber) and traveled about an hour outside Nairobi to local textile places and viola! The Wakanda kimono was found.

The pattern and vibrant colors were what caught my eye then the softness of the fabric as a knitted cotton material. This unique piece symbolized royalty with a fall/winter touch. It can be worn as a statement piece and styled with so many accessories am so excited to share it with everyone. 

Shop our new arrival as it hits our online stores and will be available at the Black American Market in Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge Virginia.